M.B.A. Dual Specialiazation DURATION : 2 YEARS


M.B.A. in Healthcare Management

The healthcare sector is one of the important social sectors operating in the economy which has a bearing on the performance of other sectors within the economy. This course will provide bird’s eye view of health sector, including the policies pertaining to healthcare set- up in India. The course will help the participants to be familiar with terminology as applicable to healthcare set up including having overview of non-clinical disciplines. The course will also provide understanding of the roles of the government and different constituents in healthcare industry. It provides the general understanding of the gamut of the operations and impact of the same being undertaken by various stakeholders.

MBA in health care management is a course that can help the students to acquire skills important for handling health care business and associated practices. With the help of this degree a student can expect to develop effective communication skills along with all-round personality development. Since the demand or professionals of this field is ever-increasing there are a number of options that the students from this field have. There is also an advantage of keeping oneself updated through certification courses of this field that are organised by several universities as well as government on a regular basis.

Career Opportunities

MBA in Health Care Management is one such professional course that is taking leap among several MBA aspirants. It helps the students oversee the operations and services that are offered in a healthcare facility. This is one of the best courses for interested students as it offers various opportunities in the healthcare industry. As this industry is witnessing an upsurge in numerous health issues, thus, the management of the issues also requires increased attention. There are a number of career options available for students who aim to enrol themselves for a course in this field.

The options include: Healthcare consultant for niche boutique health consulting firms, IT consulting firms that do life sciences work, health insurers and health systems, Hospital CEO, Hospital Administrator, Hospital CFO, Product management for medical device companies, Pharmaceutical Product Manager, Product marketing for research organizations, biotech firms or medical device companies, Medical Practice Manager, Data Analytics and Competitive Intelligence across the sector (biotech/pharmaceuticals, medical device companies, health IT), Health informatics Manager.